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Telemarketing In Bedford

We offer professional telemarketing services including sales lead generation and appointment setting throughout Bedford

DMC Assiociates and JEM Sales & Marketing have been delivering comprehensive and professional Telemarketing Services throughout Bedford for over 10 years.

Whether it's outbound Telemarketing Solutions, Sales Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Database Cleasing, Market Research or Database Sourcing... our wealth of experience has enabled us to quickly and effictively develop a deep understanding of your target market, using a pertinent and highly productive briefing process allowing JEM Sales & Marketing to place your company in front of key decision makers.

Choosing the correctly trained and motivated team of  telemarketers isn’t just important it’s essential, as we’re a professional business to business telemarketing agency and not a call centre you can be assured that you’ll have the right  telemarketing consultants representing you and your organisation, using state of the art software that not only tracks and records each and every important detail but makes it highly visible for reporting and measuring purposes.

Five reasons to choose JEM Sales and Marketing for your Telemarketing requirements in Bedford

You’ll get a steady and consistent flow of qualified appointments for your sales team.  

You can enhance your lead generation with a regular supply of qualified sales leads for your business. Leads that will more readily convert into appointments and sales.

High level market research capabilities mean you’ll be able to quickly and effectively discover what your target markets are really thinking … their fears and frustrations, likes and dislikes etc, which will enable you to tailor your approach to more accurately sell to your markets needs.

You can keep in close touch with your customers by implementing key Customer Satisfaction Surveys, giving you a regular and valuable ‘temperature check’ on the quality of your service delivery. 

Your database is the foundation of your business and you can ensure you’re your contact records are always completely accurate and up-to-date to minimise wastage in your sales and marketing effort.

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